We started this business to be free. To call our own shots, to make our own schedules, and to live our lives to the absolute fullest. So did you. This business is designed for your freedom as much as ours. We are entrepreneurs (just like you), and/we’ve got your back. We appreciate people being real with us and we will be real with you. You probably don’t sugarcoat your clients while they are making one of the most important investments of their lives. We understand that posts to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter aren’t really on the same scale but you could’ve fooled us. We take it seriously and strive to provide the absolute best solution for real estate agents that exists.

We started this company as Shareable Social and we launched in 2013 targeting all SMBs. We were fortunate enough to get accepted into Techstars (biggest startup accelerator in the world) where we eventually shifted all of our efforts to residential real estate agents. We raised money to really tailor our solution for residential real estate agents. We were mentored to be a company that did one thing really well, in this case social posts for one specific vertical. We were inspired to offer our solution to every real estate agent so we shifted our business model so that we could be the best and most affordable solution on the market.



We started one of the first social media marketing agencies in Denver, Colorado 5 years ago. We built that agency for 2.5 years and then sold it because it’s incredibly hard to scale an agency and that’s not what we wanted to do. We like to think that we landed on real estate agents as our main vertical because we speak the same language. We are both hustling, small business owners at heart that value our time and freedom above anything else.

You are an expert at selling houses, we are experts at posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s a match made in heaven when we both stick to what we are good at! Would you recommend a FSBO? Exactly. We wouldn’t recommend a PBREA (Post By Real Estate Agent). Leave the social posts to the experts and keep closing deals.